Food Services

Healthy students are happy students, and that starts with the proper nutrition to get through the day. We provide wholesome lunches for students at A+ Charter Schools that meet the nutritional guidelines set forth by the USDA and other federal programs.

Nutritional Excellence

We prepare our menus to meet state and federal strict nutrition standards. We hand-select our foods to ensure they meet the required calorie, fat, protein, sodium, and whole grains for our students. This translates into well-balanced, healthy meals that provide recommended amounts of energy and nutrients needed for optimal development and learning.

Lunch Sign-In/Sign-Out Procedures

A+ Charter Schools is a closed campus. A parent must sign the student out, in person, for the student to leave for any reason.

Lunch Ordering

For your convenience, you may log in to the parent portal to place lunch orders.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.