Special Education & Student Services

Our goal is to provide answers and resources to help make your experience with your child a positive one. If you ever have any questions about the services your child receives, or if you feel your child should be receiving services, please give us a call. We are always happy to help you.

Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)

Our special education program works with families to create Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) to meet the special needs of their children. This plan includes related services in and out of school, at no cost to the family, to complement students’ personal instruction and ensure that they receive the most benefit from their education.

504 Accommodations

Even though 504 plans aren’t part of special education because they are different from IEPs, are covered by different laws, and work in different ways, the end goal is the same: to help students thrive in school. And even though schools are not required by law to create 504 plans, at A+ Charter Schools, it is an honor to provide our policies and plans to accommodate our students’ needs.

Examples of 504 accommodations might include allowing extended time on tests or the ability to leave the classroom for short breaks. Some students might benefit from a designated quiet workspace, preferential seating close to the teacher, or a written schedule for daily routines and rules. The possibilities are endless, and if there is something we can do to help our students learn more effectively, we’re happy to help.