PBL at Work

When A+ teachers use the Project-Based Learning (PBL) method, students learn by actively engaging in real-world and personally meaningful projects. Through PBL at Work our students solve real-world problems, answer complex questions, and demonstrate their knowledge and skills through products or presentations.

We Emphasize Workforce Readiness

Teachers develop project-based and inquiry-based learning units and lessons with an emphasis on workforce readiness and skills. They implement these lessons across disciplines to engage students and connect real-world applications to learning. Fostering curiosity in learning, as well as transferring skills and concepts gained from multiple disciplines, are necessary for lifelong learning and success.


See what our students and parents are saying about A+!

School choice is such a critical and vital dynamic to communities. In our growing city I am so pleased Maricopa has such a diverse selection of school options for families. We chose A+ Charter School for our 8th grader and 11th grader. A+ Charter School provides students a warm, safe, and inviting environment for students and parents. From the moment my son and daughter walked into the doors of A+ Charter School they were made to feel important and acknowledged. A+ Charter School teachers are passionate and dedicated educators who take the time to focus on students’ goals. A+ Charter School provides students a brilliant teaching method, project-based learning. As a former educator, I understand the essential for differentiation of instruction and also importance of student engagement. Students are able to participate together and have team building experiences. Team oriented skill sets not only help in the school environment but will also assist in their future work environments. A+ Charter School has provided the essential building blocks for my children by engaging in group projects and taking individual student responsibility to reach their goals. I cannot thank the staff enough for their dedication and commitment to student excellence.

Karen Fierro


Photo Gallery

Enjoy browsing through these photos to see the many and varied projects taking place at A+ Charter Schools.